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Fukken & Minami Consultant Company's Policy

1) Actively learn, acquire, and apply Japanese advanced technologies and experiences in the field of construction and environmental protection.

Japan is famous for many construction works those are complexible, sustainable, and convenient. The Shinkansen High-Speed Train Network, the nationalwide highways, the airport and harbor systems, the urban drainage systems, the electric power generation plants, the new towns built on landfilled seashores, etc., are symbolic works that show the extreme high capacity of Japanese companies in planning, surveying, designing, constructing, managing, and maintaining public infrastructure works.

Vietnam now needs to speed up the socio-economic development process, and therefore, it is necessary to quickly build and improve the transport infrastructures, urban and rural infrastructures, industrial zones, power plants, disaster prevention works, etc.

With the above awareness, FMC advocates that it is necessary to actively learn, acquire and apply advanced Japanese technology and experience to develop the public infrastructure in order to effectively contribute to the development of Vietnam.

2) Actively train and utilize local human resources.

In order to enable quick development and improvement of public infrastructure, Vietnam needs to have many skillful experts who has rich experience in all phases of survey, planning, construction, supervision, and management of development projects which are complex, good in quality, sustainable, economically efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain.

Vietnam’s universities, vocational colleges, etc. can provide a number of trained engineers and operators who has basic and broad knowledge of construction technology. However, in order to become skillful experts and enable to implement complex construction projects, Vietnamese engineers and operators shall be further trained in specialized professional skill, experienced in many works in actuality, and shall have the working habits under teamwork culture.

FMC advocates to create many opportunities for the company staff to attend the training programs in Japan, and to work together with foreign experts in Japan and in other countries, so as to build-up a team of well-trained staff who is both skillful in professional work, and is also capable to work well with other team members. Through these opportunities, FMC staff can improve necessary technical knowledge in the construction field, and can also strengthen the ability to work under teamwork culture, duly concerning his/her responsibility when working together with other staff members in the company.

3) Always consider issues on natural and social environment in the company's activities.

The main objective of FMC is to contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of Vietnam, but not to force the next generations to suffer the consequences of negative impacts to environment that caused by the activities of current generation.

In order to achieve this objective, FMC has the policy to continuously try to learn and apply advanced Japanese technology and experience in treating polluted water, air, noise, etc., for the development projects. On the other hand, FMC shall try to improve the capacity to formulate and implement the plans to protect the environment, natural ecosystems, biodiversity, minimize negative impacts due to land acquisition, compensation, and resettlement when implementing the development projects. In addition, FMC shall continuously try to promote the projects with aim to exploit and utilize clean energy sources, re-usable materials, etc., to keep our planet always be clean and beautiful for the future generations.

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